December 13, 2019

Silver Coin Collection Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Half Dollar

The United States Mint has started accepting orders for the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Coin Collection. This special numismatic product is issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the series and features four 90% silver half dollars struck at different mint facilities with different finishes.

This represents the third 50th Anniversary Kennedy numismatic product issued for this year. In July, the Mint had released a two coin set containing clad composition half dollars. This was followed in August with a three-quarter ounce 24 karat gold coin offering. Both of these products still remain available for sale at the Mint.

Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Coin Collection

Each of the four coins included in the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Coin Collection features a restored version of the original 1964 obverse portrait design by Gilroy Roberts. Over the years, various tweaks and modifications to the design had left it with a very different appearance than the original. The idea to restore the original portrait came from a San Francisco Mint employee Michael Levin. The restored portrait has been used for all of the coins included in this year’s 50th anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar products.

The silver coin collection includes one reverse proof coin struck at the West Point Mint. The finish features mirrored raised design elements and inscriptions against a frosted background, providing the opposite appearance of the traditional cameo proof. This represents the first Kennedy Half Dollar ever struck with a reverse proof finish.

A coin struck at the Philadelphia Mint features a traditional prof finish. Raised design elements and inscriptions appear frosted against a mirrored background. This gives the appearance of the design floating on liquid like fields. This represents the first proof Kennedy Half Dollar struck at the Philadelphia Mint since the first year of the series in 1964.

The third coin within the collection is struck at the San Francisco Mint and features an enhanced uncirculated finish. Different degrees of laser frosting and wire brushing are used to provide a unique appearance. The portrait, lettering, and border on the obverse, and the lettering and border on the reverse, receive a heavy laser frosting treatment. Other elements of the eagle on the reverse receive a standard laser frosting treatment to enhance certain artistic detail. The stars receive a laser polish technique to accentuate them against the field. This is only the second coin issued by the United States Mint which features an enhanced uncirculated finish and the first for the series.

The fourth and final coin in the collection is struck at the Denver Mint and features an uncirculated finish. This represents the first Kennedy Half Dollar struck at the Denver Mint in 90% silver since the first year of the series in 1964.


All four coins of the collection are housed in a rich embossed faux leather folder with an image of John F. Kennedy from the half dollar and patriotic flag imagery. The US Mint logo appears on the front of the folder with the Department of Treasury Seal on the back. A booklet on the development of the design for the half dollar and a separate printed certificate of authenticity are also included.

Each set is priced at $99.95. Sales are conducted through the US Mint’s website at and by phone at 1-800-USA-MINT.

A product limit of 300,000 units has been established for this release with an initial ordering limit of five units per household imposed. The US Mint will monitor sales and adjust or remove the limit as necessary during the period the product remains for sale. For the start of sales, the Mint has indicated that they will have more than 180,000 immediately available to meet demand.



  1. For european customers the usmints new order system is a MESS. The old system was lightyears better!!!

  2. I went to login to order the new set and their website doesn’t recognize my email address. I had to order as a guest. I already did the password reset in anticipation of today.

  3. the guys that did the programming for the new web site must be idiots. And the usmint does not realize that it will loose customers. I am fed up.

  4. similar problem to Frank’s… reset password and tested it out last week… worked fine…
    checked again the other day and website didn’t recognize my info…. called Mint & they helped me reset password (again!) and it worked,,, was able to successfully order 2 sets of silver Kennedys by 12:06 and sets have shipped!

  5. My experience using the Mint’s new order system today was smooth. I logged in just after noon, purchased three Kennedy silver sets and received a confirmation of my purchase quickly. Unlike the waiting-room-from-hell in the past, today’s transaction lasted less than 5 minutes and occurred without a glitch. In preparation of this purchase, I visited the new site last week and updated my account as requested. Simple. Easy. Without the “spinning wheel of death.”

  6. I logged in a little after noon today and ordered a set. No problems at all. Logged in, placed my order and budda-bing – I was done. Much better than before.

  7. lucky43113 says:

    order took me about 1 minute to complete and its already shipped i have the tracking number

  8. This was the best ever by the mint. I RESET my password yesterday (monday) and added my credit card. Tuesday I ordered at 12 and they have already shipped my coins. AWESOME. They said right on their website to reset your password, so I recheck monday night thinking they might do something weird and they had.

  9. Tried to order through the Mint website several times this morning and couldn’t get the order to go through (I had already reset my password, etc. last week). Called the Mint and waited for over 30 minutes to get a live operator. Was told that the two-coin special Kennedy half-dollar uncirculated set is now sold out, but fortunately I was able to order two of the Kennedy four-coin sets. I’m not happy that the mintage for the two-coin set is lower than the mintage for the four-coin set. I had been waiting to order both types of sets together in order to save on shipping. Now I’ll have to go into the secondary market and pay much more than the extra shipping charge to get these sets. Thank you, United States Mint for another lousy buying experience!

  10. Wow, I guess a lot of people must have ordered the 2-coin clad set with the silver sets. The sales figure from last Sunday was still more than 60,000 sets below the product limit.

    I’m pretty sure this qualifies as an “unexpected” sellout, and secondary market prices should react accordingly. I’m glad I got my five sets last summer!

  11. similar experience… was considering buying the 2-coin high relief set along with silver set…decided against it even though I had just read small production figure… I did get the pair in graded slabs…. maybe a good thing!

  12. You actually have to reset your password TWICE,,, if you reset it last week. I reset my password last week, but knowing the mint I checked Monday night and I had to reset it AGAIN.. Now all is good and the product was shipped Tuesday and the tracking acknowledges it. You can’t use the tracking number in the email you must use the one on their site and in your account.

  13. WOW… I ordered one set of the Kennedy silver coins on Tuesday afternoon, with standard shipping.
    They arrived in my mail box today (Friday). Best response ever. . . .Coins look great, by the way.

  14. Ordered 2 sets of the Kennedy collection and received them today. I will be returning them for a refund. The so-called “Enhanced” specimen has distinctive diagonal brush marks across the image of Kennedy and into the field area of the coin. The Mint has once again issued a product that is not only overpriced but with poor workmanship to boot. Sad.

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