December 13, 2019

Prices Reduced for Uncirculated Silver Eagle, ATB 5 Ounce Coins

Effective December 27, 2011, the United States Mint reduced the prices for some numismatic silver products. Prices were reduced for the four available America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Uncircualted Coins and the 2011-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle.

This represents the second price reduction for the product types. The first reduction took place on October 7, following a brief suspension of sales.

The US Mint does not have a publicly available policy with regards to pricing adjustments for numismatic silver products. During the turbulent year for precious metals, sales for numismatic products with silver content have been suspended on numerous occasions when the market price of silver has fallen or risen significantly. Depending on subsequent movements in silver prices during the suspension, sales have been resumed with prices either unchanged, increased, or decreased.

Treatment of the pricing for the annual sets containing 90% silver coins has differed from treatment of numismatic versions of the American Silver Eagle and America the Beautiful Five Ounce Silver Coins. These annual sets contain silver content of either 1.33823 troy ounces or 0.90420 troy ounces. Sales have been suspended on frequent occasions, increased once in March 2011, but never decreased.

In contrast to the situation for numismatic silver coins, the US Mint’s pricing policy for numismatic gold and platinum coins is publicly available. The criteria for potential pricing changes can be calculated based on market information, allowing collectors to anticipate suspensions and pricing changes.

The previous prices and newly effective prices for the impacted numismatic silver products are shown below. Products may be purchased from the United States Mint at

Old Price New Price
2011-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle 50.95 45.95
2010-P Mount Hood 5 oz Silver 229.95 204.95
2011-P Gettysburg 5 oz Silver 229.95 204.95
2011-P Glacier 5 oz Silver 229.95 204.95
2011-P Olympic 5 oz Silver 229.95 204.95

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