United States Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Sales

During the month of June 2012, the United States Mint sold 70,000 ounces of gold bullion and 2,898,000 ounces of silver bullion across the various options. Compared to the prior month, the sales for gold were higher, while the sales for silver were slightly lower. Compared to the year ago period, both totals were lower.

The US Mint’s available gold bullion coins include the 22 karat American Gold Eagles, which are available in one ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce, and tenth ounce sizes, and the 24 karat American Gold Buffalo coins, which are available in one ounce size only. Silver bullion offerings include the one ounce American Silver Eagle and the five ounce America the Beautiful Silver Coins. These bullion products are distributed by the United States Mint through a network of authorized purchasers who are able to order the coins based on the market price of the precious metals plus a fixed or percentage mark up.

June 2012 US Mint Bullion Coin Sales

June 2012 YTD 2012
American Gold Eagle 1 oz 55,000 285,000
American Gold Eagle 1/2 oz 2,000 56,000
American Gold Eagle 1/4 oz 6,000 52,000
American Gold Eagle 1/10 oz 25,000 175,000
American Gold Buffalo 1 oz 10,000 75,000
American Silver Eagle 1 oz 2,858,000 17,392,000
America the Beautiful Silver 5 oz 8,000 21,600

American Gold Eagle sales accounted for 60,000 troy ounces for the month with most of the sales occurring for the one ounce size. For the year to date, sales have reached 343,500 ounces. This total is down 47.60% from the 655,500 ounces sold during the first six months of 2011.

Sales of the American Gold Buffalo coins reached 10,000 for the month and 75,000 for the year to date. During 2011, these coins were not available for ordering during January and February, but by the half year mark, sales had reached 79,500.

The American Silver Eagle bullion coins recorded sales of 2,858,000 for the month, making for year to date sales of 17,392,000. Through the first half of 2011, sales had reached 22,303,500. Silver Eagles have achieved successive record breaking annual sales totals since 2008. To break last year’s sales record of 39,868,500, monthly sales would have to average around 3,750,000 per month for the rest of the year.

On June 25, 2012, the US Mint began accepting orders for the America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coin featuring Chaco Culture National Historical Park. This represents the second of five designs to be released during the year. So far, sales for the latest design have reached 3,200. The first design for this year featuring El Yunque National Park added sales of 4,600. The remaining available 2011-dated coins added sales of 200 coins.

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