2013 Platinum Eagle Design Candidates Reviewed by CFA

The Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) recently reviewed the reverse design candidates for the 2013 American Platinum Eagle. The reverse design will represent the theme “To Promote the General Welfare” within the ongoing series highlighting the core concepts of American Democracy as found in the Preamble to the Constitution.

The six year design series runs from 2009 until 2014 on numismatic versions of the Platinum Eagle. The bullion versions of the coin have actually not been issued since 2008, making the numismatic coins the only available option.

Design themes for previous years have included “To Form a More Perfect Union” (2009), “To Establish Justice” (2010), “To Insure Domestic Tranquility” (2011), and “For the Common Defence” (2012). The themes for the final two years of the series will be “To Promote the General Welfare” (2013) and “To Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and Our Posterity” (2014).

The United States Mint provided nine different design candidates for the 2013 American Platinum Eagle. During their meeting held on November 15, 2012, the CFA recommended alternative AEP-R-02 as the most appropriate design. They did recommend the removal of the horizon line and ring of stars from the right side of the design, citing their continuing preference for simplicity. All of the reverse design candidates are shown below.

2013 American Platinum Eagle Reverse Design Candidates


  1. ABC says

    They should probably stay away from the fourth design (looks like the sculptor is trying to put a nail in her butt). The same for the last design, it looks too generic. I like the first 4 designs though.

  2. ho ho silver says

    Promote the general welfare is the theme though.If they don’t pick 2 hopefuly they can use on another coin.

  3. Robertson says

    I like design #2, too, but I don’t understand what the image has to do with “promoting the general welfare.” To be honest, I’m growing tired of draped female figures on these designs.

  4. Tim says

    The last one looks sooooo bad they will probably use it. Would not be surprised at all anymore…….

  5. says

    The CCAC (Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee) likes design #3 the best. To them the three gears represent the local, state and federal governments working together. The image on the coin of a Young America is looking forward to the future for the people and the function of the government in people’s lives.
    CCAC President Gary Marks said, “We like the visionary of looking forward to the future juxtaposed against the gritty industrial image of getting the work done.”
    So it would seem the choices are to be between design #2 with the 13 stars suggested by the CFA and the CCAC liking the gears. Both are nice in my opinion. However the design with the 13 stars takes us back to our beginnings and has a “softer” look to it! In my opinion #3 has too much government in our lives! The gears are too big!

  6. Mercury says

    #2 is indeed the best bet. But if they must keep the horizon, why not add along its shoreline, a sheaf depicting some sort of agriculture. Since “promoting the general welfare” has definitely been demonstrated by our nations determination to supply the world with food subsidies… And that’s a good thing.

  7. Terry Power says

    I like number 2 also…..

    Also liked the comment about “putting a nail in her butt” for number 4 :)

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