Mint of Poland Releases “Fortuna Redux” Cylindrical Coin

The Mint of Poland have launched one of the most innovative methods for producing a coin, very unusual in the sense that it now describes their special style as incorporating a “third” side to carry a design. Launched at the World Money Fair in Berlin, the Mint of Poland showed off their technique to apply a design to the actual sides on the coin, in this case a six-ounce silver planchet with a thickness great enough to support the striking of the blank with a detailed and integral design which also forms a part of the theme and subject of the commemorative coin. In the case of this issue, the theme is Mercury, the God of tradesmen and travelers, who was often depicted on Roman coins. He was believed to bring good luck in business and commerce, and his winged staff was believed to protect merchants. The Roman depiction of Mercury was often accompanied by the inscription “FORTUNA REDUX” which meant happy coming home from a business meeting or extended visit.

Cylindrical Coin

The Mint of Poland’s own cylindrical coin, the first in the world, was the result of a lengthy process of research and technological technique resulting in the “Fortuna Redux”, a very beautiful numismatic product when examined in person. With a value of NZ $50, it is the world’s first coin with such unprecedented spatial proportions of height and width. The height of the coin is about 70 percent of its diameter (typically its 5- 10 percent) but thanks to the unique shape of the disk, it has about 200 percent more relief image surface. Also included are several important security features such as micro-text and micro-engraving incorporated into the actual design. During the presentation at the World Money Fair, the procedure of the minting process was detailed by the Mint of Poland’s technical expert who described the technique of preparing the coin’s third side where the flat image had to be transferred onto a cylindrical surface and divided into 4 segments of collar dies.

Mint of Poland

Struck for the South Pacific island of Niue to proof quality, the coin’s innovative dimensions include a 32 mm. diameter with a weight of 6 ounces of .999 fine silver. The coin’s height is 22.1 mm. and the mintage has been set at 2,500 pieces. The break-through coin was designed by Urszula Walerzak, one of the Mint of Poland’s senior artists. The coin is packaged in a presentation box enabling the owner to view it from all angles and is scheduled to be made available from the 15th February.

For more information on this and other coins, please visit the website of the Mint of Poland at: Information available in English, Polish & Russian.


  1. Koichi Ito says

    If Polish Mint ever produced this cylindrical fortuna coins for Republic of Niue. So why Polish Mint would not mint cylindrical coins for Poland?

  2. M Alexander says

    I think the Mint of Poland will in the future, there will need to be a very special anniversary for this innovative approach – I think it was trialed for Niue first so, watch this space!

    M Alexander

  3. M Alexander says

    Hello A & L futures,

    Let us know your thoughts when you receive the coin, I saw this unusual item during its unveiling and I was impressed by its quality and intricate detailing on the “third side”

    M Alexander

  4. Zaz says

    It is a neat coin. Hope the US Mint is listening and looking. Such a coin would be perfect for the upcoming National Baseball hall of fame. Concave baseball on one side, perhaps an early stadium on the other, and assorted images of the greatest players of the game on the ring.

    I like the gold colored Mercery head motif, it looks oddly familiar!

  5. says

    My initial reaction to this “innovation” was a great deal of laughter!

    I’m certain that it’s only an coincidence that Mercury and his lettering arrangement has a vague resemblance to old American coin.
    The shape is very quaintly original and reminiscent of a Victorian era snuff box. I can only hope that our own U.S. Mint or Canada Mint can take inspiration from this innovation. Perhaps the U.S. can take a few of the cherished Presidential dollars and Native American dollars and create a wholly new coin of random geometry. 16 ounces of these coins could collectively be over struck with a multi chambered die into a new product, The American Buffalo Fece One Pounder. The “turd” side of the coin would carry the motto: VOID, WHERE PROHIBITED! with an appropriate privy mark.

  6. Steve says

    Sigh…………Innovations like these are fine, but doesn’t the “Industry” need something to define just what a coin is? In the US stuff like this should be left to outfits like the Franklin Mint.

  7. A&L Futures says

    @ M Alexander

    Just received e-mail notification (via FirstCoinCompany) that my “Fortuna Redux” Cylindrical Coin has shipped.

    Although away (i.e. business trip), expect comments to follow upon my return.

  8. hw says

    A&L Futures:

    Apparently you have one of the “First strike” coins from First Coin. Looking forward to your observations.

  9. M Alexander says

    7th March 2013

    I will always endeavour to include ordering information when I can, I rarely if ever – include third party distributors unless I am familiar with them myself. As many readers know, I usually include ordering information from the Mints themselves, I think this is the safest source.

    The distributor who was mentioned here was from another reader but I would of course be interested to know if the orders placed with this company are fulfilled without difficulty.

    M Alexander

  10. hw says

    First Coin Company is no longer listed as a distributor on the Mint of Poland website.

  11. hw says

    Correction to my previous post. First Coin Company is still listed as a distributor on the Mint of Poland website. However, the site is still down.

  12. hw says

    Last post on this matter. It appears that First Coin Company is having technical problems with their site and it will be back online soon. That means the Fortuna Redux coin will be available from them. Regardless of the isolated negative incident, they do have an A+ BBB rating. That is pretty good.

  13. A&L Futures says

    @ everyone

    Call me a fool, but do I open the coin to verify its contents or maintain it in its OGP. I found that some coins retain their value if left undisturbed. This remains true for many U.S. coins, but does it hold true for foreign coins as well?

    BTW – did anyone catch the insane eBay auction in which a $9.95 roll of canadian cents sold for $6,600.00?

  14. A&L Futures says

    @ M Alexander

    I documented the unveiling of this coin through several photos (19 to be exact) I took with my iPhone.

    First, and foremost…the coin was very well packaged.

    I placed my order with First Coin Company on February 14th. On February 22nd I received a “Dear clients” e-mail from Nick Karpov which stated the following, “Please be informed that we just received information from the mint about shipping of FORTUNA REDUX COIN. We expect to dispatch this coin to you on March 4th or 5th using FedEx. You will receive a FedEx tracking number once it shipped.”

    On March 1st I received another e-mail from First Coin Company informing me that my order had shipped. Naturally, they included the FedEx tracking number as promised. Seven days later, on March 8th, 2013 my FORTUNA REDUX COIN arrived. IMO – First Coin Company far exceeded my expectations. I’m a first-time buyer with First Coin Company and I’m likely going to do business with them in the future.

    NOTE: I was made aware of the coin, to include its U.S.-based distributer from reading this blog.

    As far as the coin is concerned, it’s simply stunning to look at. What did surprise me was that the coin wasn’t individually numbered (e.g. 0001/2500). I also felt the coin capsule didn’t seal well. The caps on both ends were rather loose. However, my coin hadn’t fallen out. I credit this to the fact that the capsule (with the coin seated inside) was placed into a small zip-lock style bag which kept the ends of the caps from falling off. Not pretty to look at, but then again…this coin wasn’t designed to be displayed in a coin capsule or a zip-lock bag. Both [the capsule & the zip-lock bag] ensured that my coin arrived undamaged.

    If you’d like a copy of the photos, which documents the unveiling of my coin, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  15. M Alexander says

    11th March

    Hello A&L,

    I’m pleased to hear that your coin arrived, that the distributor fulfilled your order without incident and of course, that the coin itself has from what it sounds – met your expectations, it is an exceptional item indeed.

    As I mentioned, I do not as a rule refer to third party suppliers, I leave that to the Mints themselves as I hope they have a satisfactory relationship with these companies and – that a collector can contact the Mint to enquire about their recommendation directly.

    I saw the presentation box in Berlin for the fortuna Redux which I do think lends this item to be well displayed, I didn’t examine the capsule too closely but, if there is a problem with it, do contact either the distributor directly and see if a replacement can be sent.

    Yes, please send some images of your unveiling, I’d be interested to see for myself.

    M Alexander

  16. A&L Futures says

    @ Abdulquader – I’m sorry to report that I deleted the photos from my iPhone about a week ago. The photos I did take were sent to M. Alexander. I suspect (based on an e-mail I received today) that these photos will appear in this or possibly another blog in the coming days. Please continue to watch this site for possible uploads.

    @ Chet Ayres – (see comment above)

    I’d take others, but the coin is “safe”ly tucked away for security purposes.

  17. says

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    If talking about legal tender, they choose again Niue Island, because they have a good established business relationships for many years.

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