Hungarian Coin Honors Istivan Bibo

The National Bank of Hungary have issued (6th August) a coin to mark the 100th anniversary of birth of one of the country’s most celebrated figures of the post war political scene. Istivan Bibo (1911–1979) was a lawyer, politician, political thinker, and Minister of State in the 3rd government of Imre Nagy in 1956.

Bibo’s interest in the philosophy of law, the relationship between law & power, and the political development of Central and Eastern European states was fostered by his family background. Arrested in October 1944 by the Hungarian fascists, he escaped a few days later and went underground. In November 1956, he was appointed Minister of State in the coalition government by Imre Nagy. After the revolution was crushed, he sought compromise, but was later convicted in 1958 for publishing an analysis of the revolution and sentenced to life imprisonment. He was released as part of an amnesty in 1963 and worked at the library of the Central Statistical Office until his retirement in 1971.

The obverse design, which is the work of engraver Mihály Fritz, depicts Bibo authoring his well known proclamation of the 4th November 1956 along with the years of his birth & death and name in the Hungarian style (last name first). The reverse of the coin is designed by György Szabo and includes the text of the celebrated proclamation (translated in English) “THE HUNGARIAN PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY SACRIFICED ENOUGH OF THEIR BLOOD TO SHOW THE WORLD THEIR DEVOTION TO FREEDOM”. The denomination of 5000 Forint is positioned towards the top along with the name of the country and year of issue and mintmark (BP) on either side.

The coin is struck in sterling silver (.925) with a weight of 31.4 grams and a diameter of 38.6 mm. A total mintage of only 6,000 proof quality pieces is authorised. The coin is available from either the National Bank of Hungary or the Mint of Hungary.

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