Grand Central Terminal Windows of History Silver Coin

The Government of the Cook Islands have issued a new silver coin (double crown) which pays tribute to the 100th anniversary of the re-building of the terminal of Grand Central Station, New York City’s premier train terminal which has itself been referred to as the world’s loveliest station.

Grand Central Terminal, or station as it is usually called by locals, has undergone several refurbishments over its long history. Originally opened in 1871 during the height of rail travel and expansion in the mid to late 19th century, the new station is located at 42nd Street and Park Avenue. Grand Central Terminal is also the largest train station in the world by number of platforms which include 44 along with 67 tracks along them. The platforms are also on two levels, both below ground with 41 tracks on the upper level and 26 on the lower. The terminal covers an area of 48 acres in total. Grand Central Terminal is “the world’s number six most visited tourist attraction”, with approximately 21,600,000 visitors making a point to visit this extraordinary landmark annually.

Grand Central Terminal Silver Coin

Struck by the Mint of Poland on behalf of the Cook Islands Government, The statue of Mercury which adorns the main entrance of the station and facing 42nd Street is beautifully re-created on the reverse of this silver coin, with the added enhancement of a stained glass piece where the clock would be. The obverse of the coin includes a fragment of the interior of the station which also includes one of the elaborate lighting chandeliers seen on the lower concourse of the new station which opened officially on the 2nd February 1913. A cameo portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II is placed to the right of the interior scene and the coin’s denomination of $10 is just under the primary design along the lower edge.







10 Dollars

.925 silver

50 gr.

50 mm.


1913 pieces

For more information on this limited mintage tribute to Grand Central Station, please visit the website of the Polish Treasury Mint (commercial and sales division of the Mint of Poland) at: Information is currently in Polish – orders are dispatched to European destinations.


  1. M Alexander says

    24th May

    I had a feeling this coin would appeal to New Yorkers or Train lovers. This is just another excellent example of blending together medalic art and the addition of a glass extra by the Mint of Poland to offer such a great collector coin – I’m also pleased about the larger size as it lends to better appreciate the clock and image of the statue of Mercury. When you’re next passing Grand Central Station, you might just see for yourself how beautiful the building really is – thanks to this coin!

    M Alexander

  2. Raul I. says

    I picked mine up at with coupon stock7 and it cost 278.91 with free shipping. I have purchased one other coin from them, the Fortuna Redux coin and their customer service is amazing. I agree, this coin looks like it will appeal to many for different reasons. I am just looking forward to holding up the coin to a light source and seeing through the glass section. I think that’s super cool. The other one I have been looking at is the Nortre Dame Cathedral coin from the same series. I would imagine that one will also appeal to alumni, etc.

  3. Koichi Ito says

    Both Royal Scandinavian Mint and First Coin Company selling Grand Central Terminal Window Silver Coin of Cook Island. So I would stick to coins issued by Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, and Netherland?

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