German Coin Celebrates 500th Anniversary of Till Eulenspiegel

The Verkaufsstelle für Sammlermünzen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Sales Agency for Collector Coins of the Federal Republic of Germany) have released for sale (14th July) a collector coin marking the 500th anniversary of “Till Eulenspiegel” (no English translation for this phrase) who is known as a trickster or fool in traditional folklore.

Designed by the artist Frederic Brenner of Diedorf, the sytlised depiction is that of the mythical prankster looking over his shoulder and hunched over. The Text reads: “500 JAHRE TILL EULENSPIEGEL”.Encompassing the traits of ambivalence, depression and oppression, wickedness, cunning, greed and folly, hypocrisy and foolishness, the character is known for playing practical jokes on his contemporaries. Stories of his antics were published as early as 1510 in Strassbourg.

The reverse of the coin shows a similarly stylized eagle and includes the text: “BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND” along with the mintmark letter “D”, the year “2011” and the twelve stars of Europe. The metal fineness of “SILBER 625” appears just below the denomination. The smooth rim of the coin contains incused lettering with the inscription: “SO BIN ICH DOCH HIE GEWESE”.

The commemorative coin is to be issued in both BU (cupro-nickel) and proof quality (silver) and produced at the Bavarian State Mint from the 14th July with the “BU” examples expected at a later date. Both versions of the coin weigh 16 grams with a diameter of 32.5 mm.

For more information on this and more of the VfS’s upcoming schedule of coin issues for the remainder of 2011, please visit their website (in German only) at:

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