CFA Recommends March of Dimes Silver Dollar Designs

The Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) recently reviewed design candidates provided by the United States Mint for the upcoming 2015 March of Dimes Commemorative Silver Dollars.

The commemorative coin program was authorized under Public Law 112-209 and calls for the issuance of up to 500,000 silver dollars in recognition and celebration of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the March of Dimes Foundation. Under the authorizing legislation, the designs for the coin are to be emblematic of the mission and programs of the March of Dimes, and its distinguished record of generating Americans’ support to protect our children’s health.

The United States Mint had prepared and presented a total of 22 different obverse and 18 different reverse designs for the coin. The CFA offered their recommended choices, along with suggested modifications to improve the designs.

March of Dimes Silver Dollar

For the obverse, Commission members recommended alternative #9, which features images of a Roosevelt Dime, a cardboard display for receiving donations of dimes, and Dr. Jonas Salk, the American medical researcher who discovered and developed a vaccine for polio. The CFA recommended modifying the design by shifting the dime away from the edge of the to coin to avoid an awkward tangency of circles. They further suggested moving the cardboard display image to the reverse.


The recommended reverse design was alternative #16. Commission members suggested using the cardboard display board image from the suggested obverse as a background element on the reverse. They further suggested removing the large fingers to improve the clarity of the composition.

At a separate meeting, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) offered their recommendations for obverse #15 and reverse #7.

The authority to select the final design rests with the Secretary of the Treasury, who will weigh the recommendations of the CFA, CCAC, and March of Dimes Foundation.

The March of Dimes Commemorative Silver Dollars are authorized to be issued during the 1-year period beginning on January 1, 2015.

Images of all obverse and reverse design candidates prepared by the United States Mint are included below.

Obverse Design Candidates

MOD_O_01 MOD_O_02 MOD_O_03 MOD_O_04 MOD_O_05 MOD_O_06 MOD_O_07 MOD_O_08 MOD_O_09 MOD_O_10 MOD_O_11 MOD_O_12 MOD_O_13 MOD_O_14 MOD_O_15 MOD_O_16 MOD_O_17 MOD_O_18 MOD_O_19 MOD_O_20 MOD_O_21 MOD_O_22

Reverse Design Candidates

MOD_R_01 MOD_R_02 MOD_R_03 MOD_R_04 MOD_R_05 MOD_R_06 MOD_R_07 MOD_R_08 MOD_R_09 MOD_R_10 MOD_R_11 MOD_R_12 MOD_R_13 MOD_R_14 MOD_R_15 MOD_R_16 MOD_R_17 MOD_R_18


  1. says

    Very interesting results from the CFA. It seems clear from the selected designs that the CFA is a bit more interested in honoring the dime itself.

  2. Face 1004 says

    I still prefer MOD-O-15 Obverse. The Reverse design is okay but I still like MOD-R-17 design with a Mercury dime instead of a FDR.

  3. T.White says

    I really like Mod-R-07 for Obverse. It tells us that we need more information re. victory over what? MOD-O-09 tells those that are to young to remember what the victory was about. The rest of us know.

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