April 16, 2014

Brazil 2014 World Cup Collector Coin Series To Be Issued

The Banco Central do Brazil have announced that a series of gold, silver and cupro-nickel coins will be issued ahead of the FIFA World Cup which the country will be hosting. A total of nine different coins will be issued from the 24th January – comprising of one gold, two silver, and six cupro-nickel coins. The tournament, which is staged every four years, is scheduled to commence on the 12th June and will see 32 national football, or Soccer, teams battle over the next month for the championship. The “Copa do Mundo da FIFA Brasil 2014” will be staged in twelve cities around the country, with the host country kicking off the competition – playing against the national team from Croatia at the venue in Sao Paolo.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be the second time that Brazil has hosted this international tournament, the first being in 1950.


10 Reais: Depiction of the World Cup trophy on the obverse along with the text “COPA DO MUNDO DA FIFA” above the primary motif, the text “BRASIL 2014” positioned below. The reverse includes a soccer ball being bounced off the goal net with a depiction of the Southern Cross constellation positioned just to the right of the primary motif. The denomination of “10 REAIS” is seen above the motif and the year of issue “2014” is positioned along the edge, also towards the lower right.


5 Reais: The first coin includes the FIFA Copa Mundial logo – mascot on the obverse along with the text ““COPA DO MUNDO DA FIFA BRASIL 2014” placed along the upper portion of the coin. The reverse depicts a player in motion as he kicks the ball, himself seemingly in mid-air. The coin’s denomination of “5 REAIS” is placed above the primary motif with the text “BRASIL 2014” just under and along the lower right edge.


The second coin includes an image of one of the Stadium venues with a globe superimposed over the stadium and positioned in the center. The text “COPA DO MUNDO DA FIFA” is placed along the upper edge of the primary motif with “BRASIL 2014” just underneath and along the edge. The reverse includes a compilation of all the names of the cities of the venues which will host the tournament – they are placed around a map of the country of Brazil itself. The denomination of “5 REAIS” is placed off-center on the country’s map outline.

2 Reais: The series of 2 Reais is entitled “Football moves” and shares a common reverse which includes an outline of the map of Brazil against the design of a football. The coin’s denomination of “2 REAIS” is placed on the map to the upper left half with the text “FIFA WORLD CUP BRASIL” appearing in two lines together with the World cup trophy just to the right of the denomination. The year of issue “2014” is seen to the lower left.


Coin 1: Making a save - Goalie leaping towards the incoming football – the goal net seen behind.


Coin 2: Controlling the ball - Player bouncing the football off his chest, behind, a configuration of the football field & two silhouetted players.


Coin 3: “heading” the ball - Player bouncing the football of his head, behind, a configuration of the football field & two silhouetted players. Brasil-coin-4

Coin 4: Passing the ball – Player kicking the ball with his right foot, behind, a configuration of the football field & two silhouetted players.


Coin 5: Dribbling – Two players vying for control of the ball.


Coin 6: Scoring! – Single player kicks, shoots and scores a goal – the coins viewed in order shows step by step the actions seen at a football game leading to a goal.







10 Reais

.900 gold

4.4 grams

16 mm.


5000 pieces

5 Reais X 2

.925 silver

27 grams

40 mm.


20,000 each

2 Reais X 6


10.7 grams

30 mm.


20,000 each

The Gold and silver coins may be purchased separately. The 2 Reais coins can also be purchased individually or as a six-coin set. The Banco Central do Brasil have added that the retailing of and, ordering the coins is being handled jointly by the Banco do Brasil, a commercial retail banking institution along with the Central Bank itself. Interested collectors can also purchase the coins over the counter at regional offices of the Central Bank around the country.

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  1. Koichi Ito says:

    Please correct mistake saying that 10 reals gold coin is listed as silver coin?

  2. Koichi Ito says:

    Where I can buy or purchase this Brazil 2014 World Cup commemorative coins? And I am interested buying 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic commemorative coins. So how I can order these commemorative coins of Brazil?

  3. M Alexander says:

    Hello Kiochi,

    Currently, the Brasilian Central Bank does not have an office to fulfil orders domestically or internationally – most Brasilians go to the regional offices of the Central Bank and just purchase them over the counter. The Banco do Brasil, a commercial bank in the country are also distributing the coins through their branches.

    I have tried to make contact with both banks, if I receive a reply to my enquiries, I will post any ordering information for international orders here.

    M Alexander

  4. S.C. Chattopadhyay says:

    I am interested to buy all 9 including gold or 8 coins without the gold coin depending on price. Where can I get the prices and where can I place the order ? The order will be placed from US and delivery also will be in US. The coins are FIFA 2014 issued by BRASIL. 1 gold, 2 silver & 6 cupro-nickel.

  5. M Alexander says:

    Hello S.C.,

    Having spoken to the Brasilian Mint representatives at the World Money fair recently, I have been told that the official distributors outside Brasil for the new FIFA coins is MDM distributors who are based in Germany.

    I don’t see any of the information for the FIFA coins at the moment but have a look at their website at: http://www.mdm.de/ and do send them an e-mail to confirm they are handling the coins.

    M Alexander

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