Belgium: New Coin to Celebrate Accession of King Philippe

The Royal Belgian Mint has issued a new silver coin earlier this month to mark the occasion of the accession of HM King Philippe who succeeded his father King Albert II on Belgium’s National Day, the 21st August of this year.

After a reign of twenty years, King Albert II announced earlier that month that he would be stepping down in favor of his eldest son & heir, the Crown Prince Philippe, Duke of Brabant. During the national day celebrations earlier in the day, King Albert II signed his instrument of abdication in the presence of the Prime Minister and his cabinet. Later that day, the country’s new King Philippe, took the oath of office during his investiture in front of Belgium’s members of parliament. King Albert II was the second King in Belgian history to step aside in favor of the crown Prince, the last such event was in 1950 when King Leopold III abdicated in favor of his seventeen year old son, who assumed full responsibility as King upon reaching his 18th birthday in 1951.

Belgium King Philippe Silver Coin

The new coin is designed by renowned artist Luc Luycx, designer of the common reverse sides of the currently circulating EURO coinage. The coin includes a dual portrait of both the new King Philippe on the left while a profile portrait of the former King Albert II is seen to the right of the new king. The names of both Kings appear on the left and right of the dual portraits in Latin as “PHILIPPUS” and “ALBERTUS” separated with a small crown on the upper rim. Below the portraits is the date which King Philippe was invested.

The reverse includes a map of Europe as seen on the EURO coinage as well as the coin’s denomination of 20 EURO. Around the map is the text “BELGIQUE BELGIE BELGIEN” representing all three official languages of the country.








.925 silver

22.8 grams

37 mm.


12,500 pieces

The coin is presented in a colorful folder containing photos of both Belgian monarchs – past & present along with information about the National Day and the special celebration which occurred this year.

For more information on this and other coins offered by the Royal Belgian Mint, please visit their website at: Information is offered in French, Dutch and English – European orders fulfilled.

Please note: There is a slight delay in organizing the ordering process for the coin. This page will be updated when information becomes available.


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