2010 Abraham Lincoln Presidential Dollar Launch Ceremony Planned

Details of the launch ceremony for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Dollar have been announced by the United States Mint. Launch ceremonies have typically been held on or around the circulation release date for each Presidential Dollar coin, held at a location related to the former President.

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential $1 Coin will mark the 16th release of the overall series and the final release for this year. The obverse of the coin features a portrait of Lincoln designed by Don Everhart with inscriptions “Abraham Lincoln”, “16th President”, “1861-1865” and “In God We Trust”. The reverse of the coin will feature a rendition of the Statue of Liberty also designed by Don Everhart, which has been used for each release of the broader series.

The launch ceremony has been planned for November 19, 2010 at 10:00 AM ET. The location will be President Lincoln’s Cottage on the grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, D.C. Lincoln lived at this location for one quarter of his presidency and last visited the cottage the day before his assassination.

Previous launch ceremonies for coins featuring Abraham Lincoln have been well attended. Four separate ceremonies were held to mark the release of each of the four designs issued for the 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Cents.  Most recently, a ceremony was held in Springfield, Illinois to officially present the new reverse design for the Lincoln Cent featuring the Union Shield.

The upcoming ceremony will be held the same day that the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Dollars will be officially released into circulation. Banks and other depository institutions are allowed to order unmixed quantities of newly released Presidential Dollars, so it will be possible for the public to obtain the new Lincoln Dollars from banks. The United States Mint will also offer 25-coin rolls of circulating quality coins for $35.95 plus shipping and handling.


  1. matt says

    These presidential coins are garbage.. They look like chucky cheese tokens.. Aint nothin wrong with “in God we trust”.. Seperation of church and state was in the context of keeping the government out of religion. Not necessarily keeping religion out of the government. Too bad the people running this country trust in themselves and have no problem bankrupting this once great land of freedom through bull**** wars, money printing and handing over our republic to international corporations.
    Lincoln would be pissed

  2. Michael G. Koerner says

    Dropping the totally wasteful $1 banknotes and replacing them with these brass/clad coins will save taxpayers over $1G/year. (‘G’ = Giga-, or ‘billion’, BTW.) I am basing that figure on the well-known 2000 GAO report estimating $522M/year savings, adjusted for inflation and national growth.

    And, if you look carefully, the ‘IGWT’ is on the edge of the 2007 and 2008 Presidential $1 coins. (I like having mottoes on coin edges, it adds a sort of ‘dignity’ to their designs.)

    Appleton, WI

  3. Bryan says

    I have been doing my part with these new dollars, the mint sends them too you for face value and free shipping,The ice cream man,gas stations,convient stores, and fast food, tips,giving as gifts to spend to kids who thought they were quarters until they cheared with joy they were rolls of $25 they could spend.Everyone has been taking them with no problem,If the citizens who can afford to buy $250-$1000 at a time at least try the banks that hate them will be saturated with them forcing them to carry them because merch. accounts get to deposit any coin currency without extra charge and could save billions over decades to come.At least we can have 6-7% in metal backing up the dollar ,within 10 years maybe 15-20%.

  4. Rick says

    Hey, Bryan! Give a gift that has real value, if you’re so inclined. Drop the tacky “Chucky Cheese” Prez Dollar tokens and give American Silver Eagles as presents. They have one ounce of pure silver, which has been valued by humans for 5000 years of civilization! Let’s see how long these new base metal frauds will be valued.

  5. Dan says

    Jack, you don’t know jack! “separation of church and state” was, is, and never will be constitutional. The supreme court has been wrong a few times and this is one example. I don’t fault you for not knowing jack, the federal governments’ public schools would like to have everyone believe that the best way to recovery is to remove God from this country, while the Federal Reserve keeps adding 0’s to the end of the number in red on the budget, while the pentagon bombs every last non-central bank owned countries left on the planet.

    I’m with Rick, lets get back to silver.

  6. BobbiO says

    These coins are released by the Treasury. Paper fiat dollars are released by the privately owned bank, know as the Federal Reserve. I constantly show people these Dollar coins and ask them why they don’t they have a Serial Number, like the paper dollars. They don’t know. Then I explain how the paper isn’t really money, it’s Debt, issued by a Private Bank, thus the Serial Number. They usually can’t wrap thier head around that. Use the coin, be the coin….lol.

  7. Coin Lover says

    I’ve been getting the dollars from the mint to spend, mainly because it is interesting to see the reactions of people when they receive them. They are a good conversation starter and sometimes create low cost entertainment.

    Many have never seen them before. Typically I have to explain that these coins are genuine U.S. currency and are indeed legal tender. This explanation is usually followed by very close examination of the coins.

    Most eventually accept them. A couple of places have preferred to lose a transaction rather than accept them from me. A few cashiers have accepted while grumbling under their breath. But quite a few people get excited and set them aside to keep. Kids especially love them.

    One thing I’ve concluded from this experience is that the U.S. mint needs to advertise these coins to let people know they exist if they ever want them to seriously circulate. No cashier will even try to give them out in change if they have to convince each customer that they are genuine and legal money.

  8. says

    Separation of church & state is a well-established legal and constitutional principle. Only the rise of the neo-feudal know-nothing teabaggers have brought this up as some kind of debatable topic.

    Teabagger talking points are just excuses for the brainless and ignorant to weigh in on issues that they have absolutely no idea about. Kind of like a college dropout writing books about how Liberalism equals fascism.

  9. TheHolyCrow says

    Someday in the future, when nostalgia for the great country that we once were stirs, these presidential coins will become great collector items. Those who collect them now will be greatly revered by your descendants. And they will never be worth less than a dollar ! Can you say that by the stocks in your 401K ?

  10. says

    “And they will never be worth less than a dollar !”

    WooHoo!!! And when the “dollar” hits Zero?
    😉 The current “dollar” is worth 5.23 cents in 1964 dollars.


    After reading over all of these so called anti everything remarks, it makes me wonder how our country is even staying together. I haven’t read such anti-american crap in my life. The presidential dollar coins are released for the pleasure of collecting. Collections are means of entertainment as well as small investments that people cam leave behind for their children.

  12. jim says

    I took a roll of uncirculated lincoln dollars coins to an auction thinking they would help with our fundraising and they only bought $30 for a roll of 25 so instead of letting them go for that I bid them back in.
    A lot of folks say they have not seen these presidential dollar coins before.
    I also donated 5 Lincoln dollars to a pre Thanksgiving day sale and they bought $7 each.Go figure.
    These Presidential coins are nice looking and very collectible as some banks sell them for $25 for a roll of 25 uncirculated.

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