2011 America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coin Sales Slower

Following brisk sales experienced earlier in the year, the pace of sales for the 2011 America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins has slowed dramatically. These five ounce silver bullion coins are sold to the US Mint’s network of authorized purchasers based on the market price of silver plus a fixed mark up of $9.75 per coin.

All five designs for 2011 have now been released. The US Mint indicated an initial mintage of 126,700 for each design. The quantity may be increased based on market demand and blank availability. Each design was initially offered to authorized purchasers on an allocated basis at the start of sales. At the current time, allocations have been lifted for all designs.

As of August 2, 2011, total sales across all five designs has reached 376,800 units, accounting for 1,884,000 troy ounces of silver. The breakdown by design appears following.

Release Date Coins Ounces
Gettysburg April 25, 2011 126,700 633,500
Glacier April 25, 2011 126,700 633,500
Olympic May 23, 2011 80,700 403,500
Vicksburg June 20, 2011 27,500 137,500
Chickasaw July 18, 2011 15,200 76,000
Total 376,800 1,884,000

Sales have increased by only 23,700 coins since the last figures published a little over one month ago. The Vicksburg National Military Park design accounted for 8,500 units of the increase. The Chickasaw National Recreation Area design, which was first made available on July 18, 2011, accounted for the additional sales of 15,200 units.

The United States Mint has also been releasing numismatic versions of the five ounce silver coins, starting with the 2010 designs. Following the same pattern as the 2011 bullion coins, the first two releases experienced strong opening sales and quick sell outs. This was followed by slower sales for the subsequent designs. The recently released Mount Hood National Forest design experienced the slowest opening sales to date.


  1. CaptainOverkill says


    I’m willing to bet that at least some of the small boost in sales for Vicksburg is due to your report on the bad sales of the coin a few weeks back. I remember ordering one right after you reported on it, and then a couple of days later APMEX raised the premium on it by fifty cents.

  2. says

    WIll the Mint stop taking orders for these December 31 and melt down the rest, or keep them available until they are gone?

  3. says

    For other bullion programs, the US Mint has continued to sell prior year dated coins into the following year. However, for the ATB 5 oz, the authorizing legislation does not allow it. Based on my reading of the law, the 2011-dated coins cannot be sold after December 31.

    See section (u) of http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/31/usc_sec_31_00005112—-000-.html

    (2) Availability for sale.— Bullion coins minted under paragraph (1)—
    (A) shall become available for sale no sooner than the first day of the calendar year in which the circulating quarter dollar of which such bullion coin is a duplicate is issued; and
    (B) may only be available for sale during the year in which such circulating quarter dollar is issued.

  4. greyhackle says

    Does anyone know if and when they will issue the 2011 collectors version (P mint mark) of the 5 oz ATB coin.

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