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TrueView™ Imaging Complimentary on all PCGS Secure Coins

On the heels of PCGS's announcement of an airtight, scratch-resistant, tamper-evident holder, President Don Willis has announced that TrueView™ coin photography will be included at no extra cost with all Secure Service submissions. The Secure Service can be added at any PCGS level, including economy. Previously a submitter had to pay $5 per coin for Secure and $10 for TrueView™. What this new … [Read More...]

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Bill Seeks Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coins

A bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives which seeks to require the Secretary of the Treasury to mint and issue coins in recognition of the fight against breast cancer. The bill H.R. 2722 was introduced by Rep. Carolyn Maloney on June 10, 2015 and currently has 306 cosponsors. After introduction, the bill […]


Latest “Hungarian Castles” Coin Features Jurisics Castle

The National Bank of Hungary will soon issue (June 30th) a new commemorative coin which continues their “Hungarian Castles” series. The new coin features Jurisics Castle, which is located in the town of Kőszeg on the banks of the Gyöngyös stream at the edge of Western Hungary. Historically, it marks the spot where Suleiman the […]


Blue Ridge Parkway Quarter Launch Ceremony

On June 25, 2015, representatives from the United States Mint and National Park Service held an official launch ceremony for the 2015 Blue Ridge Parkway Quarter. This represented the twenty-eighth release within the America the Beautiful Quarters Program and the halfway point in the program. The reverse design of the coin depicts the grace and […]


Duplicates of the BCD Library To Be Auctioned

It was a nice, time-honored tradition for world-class collections to offload their duplicates in an auction from time to time. We know of auctions with duplicates from the Royal Coin Cabinet at Berlin, with duplicates from the Coin Collections of the All-Highest Imperial House, also known as Coin Cabinet Vienna, and of the British Museum. […]


US Mint Releases Jacqueline Kennedy First Spouse Gold Coins

The United States Mint has released the 2015 Jacqueline Kennedy First Spouse Gold Coin. The coin honors the wife of President John F. Kennedy and First Lady of the United States from 1961 to 1963. The obverse of the coin features a portrait of the First Lady surrounded by the inscriptions “Jacqueline Kennedy”, the motto […]


US Mint Sales Report: John F. Kennedy Presidential Dollars Debut

The latest weekly United States Mint numismatic product report includes the debut figures for the recently released John F. Kennedy Presidential Dollar products and the 2015 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set. On June 16, the US Mint began accepting orders for the 2015 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set. This product contains the uncirculated versions of […]


South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands: 2015 Humpback Whale Coins

The Treasury of South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands have launched a crown coin which features some the most amazing wildlife found in and around the South Atlantic Ocean. Following the tradition of depicting indigenous local wildlife, this latest crown issued by South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands which features the amazing Humpback Whale. Although […]


Isle of Man Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo Remembered on Two New Crown Coins

The Treasury of the Isle of Man Government have issued two new commemorative crown coins which mark the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, a decisive conflict which took place two hundred years ago and abruptly ended the aspirations of the French Emperor Napoleon to conquer much of Europe during his reign. The Battle of […]


Canada Issues Second Set of Coins in “Prehistoric Animals” Series

The Royal Canadian Mint have issued the second coin in their exciting “Prehistoric Animals Series” which explores and highlights those extinct creatures which once inhabited the North American continent and the fossils discovered on Canadian territory. The second coin features the scimitar cat (Homotherium serum) which was arguably one of the most awe-inspiring animals of […]