August 29, 2014

Key Date Standing Liberty Quarters


Like the dime and half dollar, the quarter denomination saw a new design introduced in 1916, the Standing Liberty Quarter, which would be struck for circulation until 1930. A scarce type that is less frequently encountered compared to other denominations, novice collectors often stay away from putting a set together due to the rarity of […]

Horn Collection Included in Upcoming Künker Auction


One of the biggest pre-war collections is that of Meißen-based businessman Ernst Otto Horn. Now, the first part of it will be auctioned off in Künker’s auction sale #254 – and this is not the only highlight of the October auction. On Saturday, 4 October, 2014, the sale of orders and decorations will be conducted, […]

Franklin D. Roosevelt Dollars Available in Rolls, Bags, and Boxes


The United States Mint has started accepting orders for circulating quality examples of the 32nd release of the Presidential $1 Coin Program featuring Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was elected an unprecedented four times and served from March 1933 until his death in April 1945. The obverse design of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Dollar features […]

Gold and Silver Coins Highlight Kinderdijk-Elshout Mill Network


The Royal Dutch Mint have unveiled (27th August) the latest design for their ongoing series which highlights various landmarks on UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The series was launched in 2012 and featured a design which focused attention of the Amsterdam canal district. This year’s coin and theme features the mills of Kinderdijk-Elshout and is the […]

Gold British Trade Dollar Leads Baldwin’s Hong Kong Coin Auction


A Gold British Trade Dollar sold for US$236,000 at the Hong Kong Coin Auction 57 last week. The overall auction total reached US$2,513,400, almost three times the pre-sale estimate. A. H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd and local auction partner Ma Tak Wo Numismatic Co Ltd saw prices rocket to new heights during this most recent […]

US Mint Sales Report: Kennedy Gold Proof Coin Sales Turns Negative


The latest weekly United States Mint numismatic sales report includes updated numbers for the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar products. As the cumulative sales for the uncirculated coin set have continued to grow, the sales for the gold proof coin have shown a decline for the weekly period. A new product also makes its debut. […]

Marvelous Rarities and Collections at Gorny & Mosch


Be it an ox hide ingot, a unique silver medallion of Trajan, the largest collection of religious amulets and medals the market has ever seen or a nicely assorted collection of numisnautics: Gorny & Mosch has spectacular offers for its October sale. Make sure to keep the week from 13 to 17 October, 2014, free! […]

Buying Double Mint Sets Online


Recently we published a post on buying coin rolls online, noting how eBay and Internet sellers bait hobbyists looking for purported uncirculated and/or unsearched so-called “shotgun” lots. Another type of coveted item is the double mint set, which the US Mint issued between 1947-1958 and whose packaging often tones coins in incredible rainbow hues, as […]

Lithuania Marks Baltic Chain Anniversary with Gold and Silver Coins


The Bank of Lithuania have issued two new coins which mark an especially important event which occurred in all three Baltic states in 1989 and had its origins from the anniversary of the Molotov / von Ribbentrop pact which spelled out the division of some Eastern European countries between the USSR and the Third Reich. […]

US Mint Offers Great Sand Dunes Quarters in Bags and Rolls


The United States Mint has started accepting orders for 2014 Great Sand Dunes National Park Quarters packaged in numismatic bags and rolls. The products include circulating quality coins struck at the Philadelphia, Denver, or San Francisco Mint facilities. The Great Sand Dunes Quarter represents the fourth release of the year and the twenty-fourth release overall […]