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Key Date Indian Head Cents

After the Flying Eagle cent had briefly been struck for circulation in 1857 and 1858 (in addition to pattern pieces struck in 1856, often included with the two other dates), the Indian Head Cent was introduced in 1859. It would by struck for half a century, and while in most years production was limited to the Philadelphia Mint there are a few dates that are very scarce to downright rare, … [Read More...]

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Korean Round, Square, and Triangular Coins Continue UNESCO Cultural Heritage Series

The Bank of Korea have issued three coins which continue the hugely successful and popular UNESCO cultural heritage series highlighting the many historic locations and revered landmarks within the Republic of Korea and included on the UNESCO world heritage list. This year’s issue includes three coins as last year but with a slight difference – […]

2015 Cricket World Cup Silver Coin

Royal Australian Mint 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup Domed Silver Coin

The Royal Australian Mint will release a new dome-shaped coin to mark the 2015 International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket World Cup. Held from February 14 to March 29, 2015, this will represent the 11th ICC Cricket World Cup and include 49 matches played in 14 venues within Australia and New Zealand. There have been an […]


Two-Cent Pieces in the Midwest in 1880

Two-cent pieces were first made in 1864, at a time when small change was scarce in circulation. In the following year, 1865, the shortage had abated and the nickel three-cent piece was introduced. Mintage quantities for the two-cent piece fell sharply, with 1872 (as illustrated here) being the last year they were struck for circulation. […]


Isle of Man 2014 Christmas Gold Angel Coin with Privy Mark

The Treasury of the Isle of Man Government have issued a gold coin in time for the holiday season which highlights a classic Christmas carol with an innovative “privy mark.” The new “2014” dated gold coin includes an appropriate “pipes” design just to the right of the coin’s principle design. Every year the Isle of […]

Ultra High Relief Lynx Silver Coin

Ultra High Relief Silver Coin Features Canada Lynx

The Royal Canadian Mint has released a new ultra high relief coin featuring close up imagery of the elusive Canada Lynx. The Canada Lynx (Lynx canadensis) is found in boreal forests across Canada and Alaska as well as certain northern areas of the United States. The animal is about twice the size of a domestic […]


Slovakia 2014 Prince Rastislav of Great Moravia Gold Collector Coin

The National Bank of Slovakia have issued a new gold collector coin which highlights the reign and subsequent coronation of Prince Rastislav of Great Moravia. Considered as one of the most historically eminent figures of Great Moravia (part of present-day Czech Republic) was its ruler, Rastislav (ruled 846-870). During his reign, Great Moravia advanced and […]

2014 Silver Eagle

US Mint To Resume Silver Eagle Bullion Sales Under Allocation

Last week, the United States Mint had informed their network of authorized purchasers that they were temporarily sold out of American Silver Eagle bullion coins. The Mint had cited “tremendous demand” following the recent drop in the market price of silver. The Mint now anticipates resuming sales for the silver bullion coins on Monday, November […]


US Mint Sales Report: Everglades National Park Products Debut

The latest weekly United States Mint numismatic product sales report includes the opening numbers for the Everglades National Park Quarter bags and rolls as well as the five ounce silver coins. The 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Coin Set makes its second appearance. On November 3, the US Mint began accepting orders for bags […]