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US Mint Offers 2014 American Platinum Eagle Proof Coin

The United States Mint has started accepting orders for the 2014 American Platinum Eagle Proof Coin. This represents the final coin within the Preamble series and features the theme "To Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and our Posterity." The Preamble series has featured representations of six core concepts of American democracy as found in the Preamble to the Constitution. Each … [Read More...]

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British Antarctic Territory: Orca Whale Collector Crown Coin

The Treasury of the British Antarctic Territory has issued a new coin which highlights one of the territory’s most distinctive and awesome wildlife, that of the Orca Whale, or more commonly known as Killer Whales. A toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family, they are the largest of the dolphins and one of the […]


Gold and Silver Coins Remember Polish Writer Stefan Zeromski

The National Bank of Poland has issued two new coins which remember the 150th anniversary of birth of one of Poland’s most hallowed authors, Stefan Zeromski (1864 – 1925). His extraordinary gift for compassion, his open-mindedness, and the dramatic plots of his books won him a loyal following. Zeromski was known as “the conscience of […]


Remembering the Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Commemorative Coins

In 1992, the quincentenary or 500th anniversary of the historic voyage of Christopher Columbus to the Americas was celebrated with the issuance of three commemorative coins from the United States Mint. The program included extremely high maximum mintage levels likely formulated with the expectation that the coins would be heavily ordered by the general public. […]

2015 Gold Maple Leaf Fractional Set

2015 Gold and Silver Fractional Maple Leaf Sets Include Multiple Firsts

The Royal Canadian Mint has released the 2015-dated Fractional Sets for the Gold and Silver Maple Leaf. Each set includes coins struck in 99.99% purity across a range of weights and features innovative firsts for the series. The 2015 Gold Maple Leaf Fractional Set includes four different coins with weights of 1 oz, 1/4 oz, […]

Canadian Snowman $20 Silver Coin

Latest RCM $20 for $20 Silver Coin Features Snowman

The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting orders for the latest release within their “$20 for $20″ silver coin program, which offers a 99.99% pure silver coin for its legal tender face value of $20. The reverse design for the new coin features a fanciful interpretation of a snowman. He is pictured within a snowdrift […]


Tribute to Saint-Gaudens by de Francisci

In 1905, Charles E. Barber created the ‘official’ inaugural medal for President Theodore Roosevelt. ‘Teddy’ had been president since September 1901, when as vice president he became heir to the highest office when William McKinley was assassinated (while attending an event at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York). In 1904 he ran for election […]

Latvia Baltic Way Coin

“Baltic Way” Remembered on New Latvian Commemorative Coin

The Bank of Latvia have issued a new coin which remembers one of the region’s most decisive acts of both public participation as well as a massive statement of will by the people of the three Baltic States wishing to demonstrate their desire for freedom. The idea of freedom is one for which people have […]


CFA Recommends Designs for WWII Civil Air Patrol Congressional Gold Medal

During their most recent meeting, the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) reviewed the design candidates for the Congressional Gold Medal to be issued honoring the World War II members of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and provided their recommendations. Under Public Law 113-108, enacted on May 30, 2014, a single Congressional Gold Medal was authorized […]

Native American Dollar

US Mint Sales Report: Slower Activity During Website Changeover

The latest weekly United States Mint numismatic product sales report shows reduced activity across most product categories. The reduced sales levels can be attributed to a blackout period for orders which took place ahead of the launch of a new retail website and order management system. During a transition period beginning on September 27, 2014 […]